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The current ship projects being carried out by AG EMS are setting milestones in the shipping industry. As the first shipping company to operate under the German flag, we are converting one of our Borkum ferries to use liquid gas and are constructing a new Heligoland ferry that will be powered by LNG. This means that we meet the relevant ecological standards in shipping well in advance and also protect the environment, which is in particular need of protection in our nautical territory with the Wadden Sea and the Helgoländer Felswatt as World Heritage Sites. We expect our projects to be rewarding investments in every respect, for example the 100% reduction in particulate matter on our Borkum ferry also provides additional deck capacity for passengers and cargo, while a fall in energy consumption goes hand in hand with a reduction in the travel time to Borkum Island. We are also looking to involve other interested parties in our exemplary projects, which is why we have joined the MARITIME LNG PLATFORM e. V. network. This network promotes an exchange of ideas that we are happy to support and make the best possible use of in our area between the mouths of the Ems, Elbe and Eider. We look forward to an interesting exchange of ideas and to taking a leading role in innovation.  

Aida Cruises

bremenports GmbH & Co. KG

Air pollution and climate change are amongst the two greatest threats facing humanity in the 21st century. The shipping industry must make its own contribution to the reduction of global pollution levels. The use of liquid gas (LNG) offers an ecological alternative that allows the emission of sulfur oxides and particulate matter to be avoided entirely and which significantly reduces nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions. bremenports is committed to LNG and will introduce Germany's first barge powered by liquid gas in 2015. Someone has to make a start… 

Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH

Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH, part of the SCHRAMM group, owns and operates the Brunsbüttel ports. Its strategically attractive position on the Lower Elbe and on the Kiel Canal with direct access to both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, its vicinity to Hamburg and the connection to the European inland waterways mean that the location is in an excellent position to supply LNG to the shipping traffic on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. As a result of the shipping emission regulations applicable from 2015 we are convinced that LNG will establish itself as an alternative maritime fuel in the coming years. This requires a network of LNG bunker stations at strategically important locations. Brunsbüttel is one of these. In addition, there is increasing interest in LNG as an alternative source of energy amongst some industrial companies in Brunsbüttel. The planned LNG bunker station in Brunsbüttel will be able to cover demand for LNG on both the sea and land side. 

Bureau Veritas

Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG

Sustainable development is one of the highest objectives of Caterpillar. For this reason Caterpillar is engaged in the development of environmental friendly engines and propulsion systems according to highest standards. A wide portfolio of gas and dual fuel engines was developed by Caterpillar. In the MARITIME LNG PLATTFORM e. V. Caterpillar is engaged to support and push the distribution and the use of this environmental friendly technology. Caterpillar believes, that this goal can only be achieved with a committed collaboration of all maritime stakeholders, like shipping companies, ports, fuel suppliers, manufactures and politicians.
The aim is to create sustainable framework requirements which allow a comprehensive use of this environmental friendly technology.


Damen Shipyards Group operates 35 shipbuilding and repair yards, employing 12,000 people worldwide. Damen has delivered more than 6,000 vessels in more than 100 countries and delivers some 160 vessels annually to customers worldwide. Based on its unique, standardised ship-design concept Damen is able to guarantee consistent quality.

Damen’s focus on standardisation, modular construction and keeping vessels in stock leads to short delivery times, low ‘total cost of ownership’, high resale values and reliable performance. Furthermore, Damen vessels are based on thorough R&D and proven technology.

Damen offers a wide range of products, including tugs, workboats, naval and patrol vessels, high speed craft, cargo vessels, dredgers, vessels for the offshore industry, ferries, pontoons and superyachts.

For nearly all vessel types Damen offers a broad range of services, including maintenance, spare parts delivery, training and the transfer of (shipbuilding) know-how. Damen also offers a variety of marine components, such as nozzles, rudders, winches, anchors, anchor chains and steel works.

Damen Shiprepair & Conversion (DSC) has a worldwide network of eighteen repair and conversion yards of which twelve are located in North West Europe. Facilities at the yards include more than 50 floating and (covered) drydocks, the largest of which is 420 x 90 metres, as well as slopes, ship lifts and indoor halls. Projects range from the smallest simple repairs through Class’ maintenance to complex refits and the complete conversion of large offshore structures. DSC completes around 1,300 repair and maintenance jobs annually, both at yards as well as in ports and during voyage.


DNV is the independent expert in risk management and assurance, operating in more than 100 countries. Through its broad experience and deep expertise DNV advances safety and sustainable performance, sets industry benchmarks, and inspires and invents solutions.

Whether assessing a new ship design, optimizing the performance of a wind farm, analyzing sensor data from a gas pipeline or certifying a food company’s supply chain, DNV enables its customers and their stakeholders to make critical decisions with confidence.

Driven by its purpose, to safeguard life, property, and the environment, DNV helps tackle the challenges and global transformations facing its customers and the world today and is a trusted voice for many of the world’s most successful and forward-thinking companies.

Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA

As an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology, Dräger develops innovative equipment and solutions people trust all over the world. No matter where Dräger products are used: it’s always about life. Dräger products protect, support and save lives.

Sustainability has a high value in our company philosophy. In this regard we are committing ourselves to the establishment of LNG as marine fuel:  The use of LNG contributes to reduction of emissions, such as SOx, NOx, CO2 as well as fine dust particles and therefore to more ecological and sustainable shipping sector.

As safety experts, we use our expertise and solutions for gas detection and personal protection to support our customers in all phases of the building or retrofitting of LNG fueled ships – from planning to conception, to implementation. Our goal is to minimize all risks for crew, passengers and vessels.

DS Schiffahrt GmbH & Co. KG

DS Schiffahrt GmbH & Co. KG is a member of MARITIME LNG PLATFORM e.V. as a professional partner for comprehensive services in the area of ship management. The focus is on strategic cooperation in this sustainable LNG energy and mobility concept as well as the motivation to identify the particular challenges and opportunities in the areas of technology and crew requirements, as well as potential financing measures and integrating these into the concept in a targeted manner. 

Duisburger Hafen AG

Evos Hamburg GmbH

Evos Hamburg has 149 tanks with a storage capacity of 670,000 cbm to load and unload ships, railcars and trucks for supplying the Hamburg area, Germany as well as the surrounding industrial facilities.

The client portfolio includes all major oil and chemical companies, the German Mittelstand and smaller, local companies with local production facilities. In addition, Evos Hamburg offers storage facilities that can be used for the import of important crude materials or oil products that are not sufficiently produced in Germany, e. g. diesel. These facilities can also be used for the export of German products to other markets. Evos Hamburg plays a vital role in supplying the German market with heating oil, gasoil, diesel and other oil products as well as in supplying the biggest production facilities for industrial lubricants. Its services also include the supply of fuel to a majority of ships in the port of Hamburg.

In conclusion, the services of the Evos terminal in Hamburg are vital to the operation of the port of Hamburg.

Fährhafen Sassnitz GmbH

Fluxys TENP GmbH

Gas infrastructure operator Fluxys has 40 years of experience in LNG operations and is convinced that small-scale LNG is the way forward in shipping. The company has been providing LNG bunkering solutions for ships from its Belgian LNG terminal in Zeebrugge for several years. Fluxys fully supports the German Maritime LNG Platform because bringing together all the stakeholders is key to successfully develop the downstream small-scale LNG infrastructure required for the shipping industry. Active on the gas transmission market in Germany, we are keen to diversify our services, investments and partnerships in the field of small-scale LNG and look forward to share our expertise in the matter through the Maritime LNG Platform.  


LNG is high on the agenda in Northwest Europe, partly as a clean alternative fuel for transport by road and water. Gasunie is active in the field of small-scale LNG from its LNG hub, Gate terminal, and in the international, EU-supported Rotterdam-Gothenburg Initiative, which provides LNG for Northern Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltic region. Gasunie also participates with Dutch companies and governments in the Green Deal Rhine and Waddensea and in the Dutch National LNG Platform. Gasunie has had similar discussions in the past to the one currently being held in Germany and therefore supports this German national LNG platform, since this objective can be only achieved with international cooperation.  

Gazprom NGV Europe GmbH

Gazprom NGV Europe GmbH ist eine Tochtergesellschaft des weltgrößten Gaskonzerns GAZPROM in Moskau. Neben unseren Aktivitäten in den Bereichen Erdgasspeicherung und -handel setzen wir uns seit vielen Jahren für die Vermarktung und den Einsatz von Erdgas als Kraftstoff ein. Im Fokus unserer Arbeit steht dabei die Entwicklung einer Infrastruktur zur Versorgung von Schiffen, LKWs und PKWs mit komprimiertem und verflüssigtem Erdgas.
In Deutschland investieren wir intensiv in den Ausbau des Erdgastankstellennetzes.. Bis Ende 2015 planen wir den Betrieb von bundesweit 35 Erdgastankstellen. In Europa bringen wir den Ausbau der Tankstelleninfrastruktur für CNG und LNG mit Markteintritten in Polen, Tschechien und der Slowakei voran. Dazu zählen Small-Scale LNG-Projekte wie die Inbetriebnahme der europaweit ersten LNG-Busse im polnischen Olsztyn. Auch in der Landeshauptstadt Warschau bringen wir umweltfreundliche Erdgas-Busse auf die Straße.
Als Partner im Netzwerk der Maritime LNG Plattform setzt sich Gazprom NGV Europe für Wissens- und Erfahrungsaustausch sowie die Weiterentwicklung ökologischer Mobilität in Deutschland und Europa ein. 

GTT France

Hamburg Port Authority

The Port of Hamburg has set itself the task of reconciling economic and environmental protection factors. The use of LNG as a maritime fuel is an important step in this regard. Shipping is extremely environmentally friendly, as measured on the emissions per tonne-kilometer. However, the environmental protection requirements continue to rise. The limit values for the sulfur fraction in fuel will soon be reduced worldwide. The establishment of a supply of LNG for both ships as well as land-based transport is of critical importance for the Port of Hamburg. The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) identified this opportunity at an early stage and has already introduced a number of steps. Another important step is its involvement in the MARITIME LNG PLATFORM e.V. This platform bundles all the interests on the topic of LNG and allows targeted measures to be implemented in order to ensure that LNG is available and in use as a fuel at the Port of Hamburg from 2015. This will further reduce emissions at the Port of Hamburg and sends a clear signal that Hamburg is committed to the topic of sustainability.  

Hanseatic Energy Hub GmbH

Hapag-Lloyd AG

With a fleet of 227 modern container ships and a total transport capacity of 1.6 million TEU, Hapag-Lloyd is one of the world's leading liner shipping companies. The Company has around 12,800 employees and 407 offices in 128 countries. Hapag-Lloyd has a container capacity of approximately 2.6 million TEU – including one of the largest and most modern fleets of reefer containers. A total of 119 liner services worldwide ensure fast and reliable connections between more than 600 ports on all the continents. Hapag-Lloyd is one of the leading operators in the Transatlantic, Middle East, Latin America and Intra-America trades.

HEROSE GMBH Armaturen und Metalle

The energy turnaround is gaining momentum. As one of the First Movers in the field of LNG-powered shipping HEROSE provides a full range of valves with the relevant certifications. With the view to maximal safety and cleanliness we make an important contribution to preserving the environment and major water ways.
HEROSE Cryogenic valves have proven themselves in both industrial gas storage tanks from 180 litres up to 500,000 litres as well as in large LNG tank farms - where they function perfectly even under extreme conditions.
LNG is a cheap and environmentally friendly fuel for ships. HEROSE supplies the entire range of Fire-Safe valves for marine installations.
We at HEROSE consider LNG as best available option to reduce emissions in commercial shipping. Therefore we contribute and participate in the German Maritime LNG Plattform.  

John T. Essberger GmbH & Co. KG

The shipping company John T. Essberger GmbH & Co. KG is the market leader within the intra Europe chemical coastal shipping trade. With our highly sophisticated and specialized stainless steel, mostly 1A-ice-classed fleet we can offer tailor made, efficient and safe logistic solutions to our customers for the transportation of their chemical, petrochemical and biological products throughout Europe. As pioneer within intra Europe tanker shipping John T. Essberger GmbH & Co. KG relies on environmentally friendly, innovative and sustainable propulsion concepts for its fleet renewal program. We want to sustainably improve the air quality in Europe’s ports by reducing emissions and want to add our contribution to the protection of the environment within the deep sea shipping industry. We acknowledge the great potential by using LNG as bunker fuel and for this reason we campaign for the Maritime LNG Platform.

Lübeck Port Authority

The introduction of LNG as a ship fuel is predestined for ferries from the Baltic Sea area calling at Lübeck, as these ships are 100% located in the defined SECA areas. LNG currently appears to be the most promising option for the future to solve all existing and expected ship emission regulations and to be able to operate an economically viable shipping industry in terms of transport costs. LNG minimises not only sulphur but also emissions of particulate matter, soot, CO2 and NOx.
In addition, the national and European transport market requires alternative solutions to reduce dependence on oil-based fuels. Any transport strategy geared towards sustainability also requires the immediate and effective reduction of climate-damaging and air-polluting exhaust gases.
For the Lübeck Port Authority (LPA), securing the future supply of LNG as an alternative fuel for shipping and, thus, ensuring sustainable transport, as well as the prudent expansion and future-oriented optimisation of the existing port infrastructure by means of an LNG tank facility, is of outstanding importance overall. In addition, the offer of LNG for shipping opens up numerous synergies with other modes of transport and the energy sector.

MAN Energy Solutions SE

As a partner of the MARITIME LNG PLATFORM e. V., MAN Energy Solutions SE is committed to contributing to establishing LNG as an environmentally friendly solution for the shipping industry. As a ship engine manufacturer we provide the technology required to operate the various types of ships using natural gas in the future. Only with close collaboration between ports, providers of maritime fuels and manufacturers and the close exchange of ideas with the maritime industry, politicians and other stakeholders can technology, infrastructure and reliable framework conditions for the use of LNG in shipping be established. We provide our expertise in the MARITIME LNG PLATFORM e. V. in order to ensure that innovative and environmentally friendly drive technology is made available to promote sustainable shipping. 

Mann Teknik AB

MannTek, a Swedish company located in Mariestad is the leading producer of dry disconnect and breakaway couplings.

Established in 1997, the company offers its clients customized solutions for
their specific requirements. Its couplings are used to prevent leakage during the handling of liquids, chemicals or gasses. Furthermore, MannTek also offers a wide range of special couplings like dry aviation couplings, dry gas couplings, safety breakaway couplings, aluminum ball valves for petroleum handling and swivels.

The newest product line is the Dry Cryogenic Coupling for cryogenic media down to -196°C. These couplings are mainly used for LNG. Since 2016 MannTek also offers complete LNG transfer systems for ships. This is a further development of the company from providing single components to a system supplier.

MannTek designs and produces the broadest variety of dry disconnect and
breakaway couplings available at the market. All products are according to the highest standards like ISO9001:2015, PED 2014/68/EU category II. In order to ensure the maximum safety for the customer, MannTek always applies the highest levels of safety and quality.

The turnover for 2018 exceeded 18 Mio. Euro and currently 65 people are working for MannTek.

Since 2012 the company is a daughter company to Elaflex-Gummi Ehlers GmbH.


Marine Service GmbH

Marine Service is an international leading and sought-after LNG specialist with decades of experience, who not only offers pioneering work in this area but also sets standards. Coming from the LNG transportation, Marine Service was one of the developers of the “LNG as Fuel” technique and has thus significantly promoted the implementation of this economically friendly fuel and has helped to realize complex projects in the area of LNG terminals for the supply of LNG.
Marine Service has become part of the Maritime LNG Plattform e.V. because we are of the opinion that LNG is the fuel of the future, both ecologically and economically wise. 

MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH

MTU Friedrichshafen, a subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Power Systems, supports the Maritime LNG Platform to promote LNG as an environment-friendly fuel for marine propulsion. Gas engines provide an excellent emission behavior and will thus be able to comply with strict emission limits without exhaust aftertreatment. These capabilities offer the gas engine as an important alternative for ship propulsion systems. Important to reach a breakthrough for LNG is a close cooperation of all involved companies / of industry and policy makers, to provide reliable boundary conditions for a successful business / for all participating companies. Supporting this MTU Friedrichshafen will bring in its expertise in high-speed gas engines. 

Nauticor GmbH & Co. KG

Nauticor (ex Bomin Linde LNG) is convinced that LNG is the maritime fuel of the future. In order to establish environmentally friendly LNG as a fuel, the shipping industry must be provided with the necessary refueling options and the supply of LNG must be ensured in the long-term. As a result, Nauticor has set itself the target of covering the entire LNG value chain from procurement and transport through to storage, distribution and the refueling of ships in strategically important ports.

This challenge requires collaboration with a range of stakeholders, all of which are aligned to the same goal: the establishment of LNG in the shipping industry. The MARITIME LNG PLATFORM e. V. represents a central pillar for bundling and exchanging knowledge and experience from a vast network in order to jointly promote the introduction of environmentally friendly LNG as a fuel in shipping.

Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG

As the state of Lower Saxony's port infrastructure company, it is the task of Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG to maintain the state's 13 ports, which extend from Emden on the Ems estuary to the seaport Stade on the Elbe, and to expand these as required. In this context, environmental issues and the sustainable use of resources have a high priority, as sea transport is to remain the most environmentally friendly mode of transport in future compared to rail, truck and air transport. The use of LNG-powered vessels will help to achieve this goal. Furthermore, it will make it possible to meet the tightened emission control requirements applicable from 2015 for shipping in ECA areas. At its ports of Emden and Cuxhaven, Niedersachsen Ports has two innovative shipping companies that will be the first German ship owners to extend their fleet to include LNG-powered ferries from as early as the end of 2014 and mid-2015.

This is why there is considerable interest on the part of Niedersachsen Ports to support the use of LNG for marine propulsion systems and the establishment of LNG storage and refueling infrastructures. Membership in the Maritime LNG platform is an important stepping stone towards this end, owing to the possibility to share experience and knowledge. 

NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft

Oiltanking GmbH

Oiltanking GmbH is a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls, a Hamburg-based family-owned company that operates in the fields of energy supply, trading and logistics. Oiltanking is the second largest independent tank storage provider for petroleum products, chemicals and gases worldwide. The company owns and operates 79 terminals in 24 countries within Europe, North and South America, Middle East, Africa, India as well as in Asia. Oiltanking has an overall storage capacity of 21 million cbm. 

Port of Amsterdam

Port of Kiel

Reintjes GmbH

REINTJES produces gearboxes and propulsion systems for the worldwide maritime and industrial propulsion technology at its headquarters in Hameln. Amongst others, the classic product portfolio comprises complex system solutions such as hybrid drives. In the field of green propulsion technology these mean a clear step forward, especially in combination with gas-fueled engines (cp. REINTJES news "RHS"). Besides the networking opportunities and the chance to actively improve the air quality, a good reason for REINTJES to participate in the maritime LNG platform.

Rostock Port GmbH

The port of Rostock is the most versatile and largest German port in the Baltic. It supplies several industrial plants with oil products as well as gases and provides a wide range of fuels to the transport industry in Northern Germany and the Southern Baltic. On land as well as at the seas legislation becomes more strict regarding emission levels. At the same time industries are looking for a higher flexibility in feedstock supply regarding quality and are pushing for a more global sourcing.

ROSTOCK PORT as a partner of the LNG-Initiative is convinced that sustainable and manifold economic and environmental advantages can be generated for many of the port users by a broader use of LNG. First LNG bunker operations took place in 2016 and encourage us to further improve the abilities of the port of Rostock to store, handle and distribute LNG. Therefore we create the needed infrastructural preconditions as well as adapt the regulatory framework to LNG-usage in cooperation with members and partners of the LNG-Initiative. ROSTOCK PORT as provider of infrastructure within the port of Rostock is acting neutrally towards all market players and cooperates with any trading, investing or plant operating company which is interested to operate at the port.  

RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

RWE Supply & Trading is a leading European energy trading house and an active player on the global wholesale markets for energy and energy-related raw materials in both their physical and/or derivative forms. This includes power, gas, coal, freight, oil, weather derivatives, biomass, emissions certificates and renewable energies. We are responsible for the economic optimisation of power generation and the entire non-regulated gas business of RWE, including all procurement, storage and LNG-related activities. Large industrial companies and trading partners are offered long-term delivery concepts by RWE Supply & Trading next to trading-based portfolio and risk management solutions.


Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH

As an integrated oil and gas company, Shell is active along the whole value chain of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Worldwide, Shell is one of the largest LNG producers with over fifty years of experience.  Shell believes strongly that the demand for LNG will continue to grow, particularly for LNG as a transport fuel.

Shell views the MARITIME LNG PLATTFORM as an ideal forum to lead the dialogue between industrial, organizational, and governmental stakeholders in order to further develop and establish LNG as a transport fuel. This includes work on standardization and supply infrastructure development. Shell, as the global LNG market leader, with extensive experience and expertise, would like to contribute to answering the questions of energy supply and emission reduction within the transport sector of Germany. 

Stichting New Energy Coalition (former Stichting Energy Valley)

The Energy Valley Foundation and its partners strongly stimulates the accelerated introduction of LNG as the future oriented and robust transport fuel for inland, short sea shipping as well as heavy road transport. Energy Valley is one of the founding fathers of the Green Deal LNG Rhine and Wadden as well as the Dutch National LNG Platform in which the acceleration of small scale LNG in the transport market is the central theme. The development of LNG in transport being shipping or land based is a challenge laying before us which from our point of view needs close international alignement. The cooperation between the Energy Valley Foundation and the MARITIME LNG PLATTFORM e. V. Hamburg to accelerate the availability and use of LNG as the future oriented and robust transport fuel in and along the International Wadden Sea Coast - a UNESCO World heritage site - offers the best ingredients for succes!   

TB Marine Hamburg GmbH

TT-Line GmbH & Co. KG

TT-Line is a leading shipping company operating in the Baltic sea. With 7 modern RoPax ferries TT-Line connects the two largest German Baltic ports, Travemünde and Rostock, the Polish port in Świnoujście, and the Lithuanian port in Klaipėda with Sweden’s most important transport hub of Trelleborg, in southern Sweden. Each year TT-Line transport over 900,000 passengers, 200,000 cars and more than 450,000 freight units. TT-Line is therefore the market leader for transport in southern Sweden.

With the GREEN SHIP newbuilding ( TT-Line is investing in a sustainable future. As a new generation of ferry ships and as a pioneer in the southern Baltic Sea the ferry that will be delivered in 2022 will operated with liquefied natural gas (LNG).

By using LNG, emissions are significantly reduced and with an almost particle-free operation of the ship, clean air at sea and in ports can be ensured. Simultaneously, the shipping company, which already received several awards for the technology and environmental management, strive to receive a maximum score of five stars in the Clean Shipping Index for the new GREEN SHIP.

TUI Cruises GmbH

"We believe that LNG is the fuel of the future in the shipping industry and are committed to designing and developing a corresponding infrastructure," states Mr. Richard J. Vogel in response to the question of why TUI Cruises is a member of the MARITIME LNG PLATFORM e.V.

Holidays on a cruise liner are trips in nature and through nature. One of the core objectives of TUI Cruises is to keep the environmental impact of the Mein Schiff fleet to an absolute minimum. The fuel currently used in shipping (heavy oil and marine diesel) is a finite resource whose combustion generates harmful substances. The development of alternative technologies is therefore vital for both environmental and economic reasons.  


LNG tends to become an important alternative energy source regarding economic and environmental aspects. VTG is a lessor of wagons, logistic provider and vendor of tank containers and in building special rail tank cars the company supports the distribution of LNG via rail. In this regard the Maritime LNG Plattform not only provides the exchange between economic and political interest groups but also the collaboration of its members laying the foundations for a LNG supply chain and encouraging its creation. All this leads to the establishment of LNG as a promising energy source. 

Wärtsilä Corporation

European Shipping has arrived at a paradigm shift – new regulations for SOx and NOx emissions in the ECA zones require a change in business approach for everyone involved. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) can fulfill  all upcoming regulations and requirements as fuel for the future and offers additional potential beyond these.

Complying with most stringent criteria for environmental protection is one of the key elements in the Wärtsilä corporate strategy. As leading provider of complex solutions for the maritime industry Wärtsilä develops and offers products  for the entire LNG supply chain as well as relevant propulsion solutions. These products have been individually established in the maritime industry and are technically proven for many years.

In order to achieve an opening to LNG by the entire maritime industry a consolidated approach is needed. The MARITIME LNG PLATFORM e.V. offers a unique possibility to bring the relevant players from industry, research & development, classification, harbors and politics together in order to commonly accelerate the successful implementation of LNG in shipping in Germany as well as in European shipping markets. 

Wessels Marine GmbH

Wessels Marine GmbH is a consulting and project development company for the use of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) as maritime fuel. Our range of services covers technical, operational and commercial topics for the use of LNG and serves shipping companies, companies in the shipbuilding supply industry and LNG providers.

Zeppelin Power Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Our Partners

Bundesministerium für Verkehr und Digitale Infrastruktur

Bundesverband der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt e. V.

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Germany

CLIA Germany is the German representation of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the world association of the cruise industry with representatives in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australasia. Its members include the world's most respected river and ocean shipping companies - including providers of special cruises - as well as tour operators, suppliers, ports and port authorities, destinations and numerous other business partners dedicated to the sustained success of the cruise industry.

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), as a globally operating umbrella organization, was created in 2012 by the merger of ten national cruise industry associations. This global representation of interests now enables the cruise industry to operate effectively and sustainably at all levels.

CLIA supports its members in providing a relaxing, healthy and safe vacation experience for cruise guests, protecting the environment and providing a safe and secure working environment for crews and employees of its members.

Deutsches Verkehrsforum


Climate-friendly alternatives for heavy goods

traffic and shipping are urgently needed, in order to achieve the ambitious

climate protection goals of North Rhine-Westphalia. Last but not least, as the

experts emphasise, NRW needs to shift part of the expected growth in freight

transport to alternative transport routes, such as inland waterways. "LNG

could be an environmentally-friendly and, at the same time, economically viable

alternative in the shipping and heavy goods transport sectors. We, therefore,

consider it necessary to investigate the economic and ecological potential for

North Rhine-Westphalia and, on a cross-border basis, also for our neighbours

from the Netherlands", says Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann, Director of

EnergyAgency.NRW. This is why EnergyAgency.NRW is cooperating with the Maritime

LNG Platform, whose aim is to help shape a market launch for LNG in Germany.

Energy Delta Institute

Energy Delta Institute (EDI) is an international energy business school. Through a rich variety of energy training courses and networking activities we prepare energy professionals for challenges they face in what is a dynamic environment. EDI was founded in 2002 by GasTerra B.V., N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, OAO Gazprom, Shell and the University of Groningen, later joined by A.Hak, EBN and Enagás. The energy community has come to appreciate EDI as a platform on which both partners and participants can exchange energy knowledge. The changing energy world is forcing companies to innovate in order to stay competitive. In addition, the energy sector faces the possibility of a growing shortage of qualified personnel over the coming decades. The sector has only one choice: to invest in knowledge.

Our energy training programmes and events respond to this urgent need, focusing on the economic, management, legal and geopolitical aspects of the energy business.

ERT Refrigeration Technology GmbH


Forum für Zukunftsenergien e. V.

The Forum für Zukunftsenergien (Forum for Future Energy) is the only politically independent and sector-neutral institution for the energy industry and energy policy in the preparliamentary sphere in Germany. It is a registered, non-profit association and serves as a platform for providing information and communication measures in relation to the structure of a sustainable energy industry in an interdisciplinary dialogue across sectors and interest groups. Both national and international developments are taken into account in equal measure. The forum is a "natural" partner for our initiative and has become a member.   


The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI conducts research for practical applications and sees itself as an independent thought leader for society, politics and industry. For its clients, the Institute investigates the scientific, economic, ecological, social, organisational, legal and political conditions under which innovations are created and their effects. To this end, scientifically sound methods of analysis, evaluation and forecasting are used. Assessments of the sources of potential and the limits of technical, organisational or institutional innovations help decision-makers from business, science and politics to set a strategic course and thus support them in creating a favourable environment for innovations. This makes Fraunhofer ISI one of the leading institutes for innovation research in Europe.
Efficient transport systems are indispensable for the economy and society, but increasing demand for mobility poses risks for the climate and environment. The Mobility business segment develops innovative transport concepts and examines the consequences of transport policy instruments. In the field of shipping, Fraunhofer ISI has led projects on emissions trading. For the MKS project "Wissenschaftliche Beratung" ("Scientific Consultation") by the BMVI on mobility and fuel strategy: For the development of various measures aimed at the promotion of CNG/LNG to support the CPT initiative, Fraunhofer ISI has analysed the shipping industry and carried out a market analysis with CE Delft in the study entitled "Study on the analysis of market potentials and market barriers for wind propulsion technologies for ships".

Hafen Hamburg Marketing e. V.

Hochschule Wismar

Innovation Norway

Norway has tested and implemented solutions on how to establish a cost efficient LNG infrastructure for both industrial and ship applications for more than 10 years.  With around 40 distributed LNG terminals along the coast and 50 LNG propelled LNG vessels in operation Norway is one of the pioneers in this business. In addition, Norway has ample experience in building and operating LNG propelled vessels in a safe and efficient way and has “propelled” the development of some very skilled Norwegian vendor and suppliers of equipment and services in this sector.

Innovation Norway intends to facilitate closer relations between Norwegian LNG related companies and representatives for LNG related activities in Germany. We see it as our task to act as intermediary between the two countries and to create opportunities for cooperation.  In this regard Norway is willing to offer its experiences and technical know-how to Germany.  This could include:

  • Implementation of a Greener maritime strategy
  • Exchange of experience on LNG safety aspects through DSB (Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection) and the Norwegian Maritime Authority
  • Design and specification of Small Scale LNG Terminals
  • Access to ship-owners with small LNG tankers that can distribute LNG from large to small terminals
  • Access to owners of small LNG terminals
  • Access to companies with products to construct LNG terminals and LNG propelled vessels.

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian government's official trade representative abroad. We are closely affiliated with the Norwegian embassies and consulates. Our mission is to be the National and the Regional Governments’ policy instrument for value-creating business development across Norway. To implement our mission we have 19 offices in Norway and 40 offices abroad.

LNG - The Norwegian Perspective (englisches PDF)

LNG Initiative Nordwest

We joined the LNG Initiative Nordwest innovation network as a partner. The common goal of supporting maritime companies in their transition to gas-powered shipping can only be successful with a networking of the initiatives operating on the market. The key strengths of the LNG Initiative Nordwest are the high scientific quality, their know-how and the bundling of often scattered expertise on the topic of LNG. 

Logistik-Initiative Hamburg e. V.

The Logistik-Initiative Hamburg e. V. believes that all paths point towards LNG, as electronic solutions are impracticable for many areas in our industry. However, the installation of LNG infrastructure for the Hamburg metropolis requires an overarching organization that takes an integrated approach to the topic. That's why Logistik-Initiative Hamburg e. V. and its numerous members welcome the MARITIME LNG PLATFORM e. V. as a catalyst for more sustainable logistics.  

ma-co maritimes competenzcentrum GmbH

ma-co maritimes competenzcentrum GmbH (short: ma-co) is the education provider for the German sea-ports and for port-related logistics. ma -co has been successfully active for over 35 years through the combination of close co-operations with the port, transport and logistical industry, shipping companies, seafarers, and key authorities. This hands-on approach has enabled us to continuously incorporate new and practical insights into our trainings.
ma -co maintains modern and state-of-the-art training facilities in Hamburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven. The facilities include yard areas, a sea-ship mock-up, free-fall rescue boats or warehouse space for practical skills acquisition. We “speak” our participants language thus our customers can be assured that the skills imparted are sustainable and practical-related.
The network of the MARITIMEN LNG PLATTFORM e. V. offers great opportunities for an exchange of all parties to develop training concepts for the practical use of new LNG technologies in Germany. 


Marine Systems

Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland

MEW Mittelständische Energiewirtschaft Deutschland e. V.

Ministry of Economic and Innovation Affairs of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

NABU Maritimer Abgasdialog

Nationale LNG Plattform Netherlands

Gerrit van Tongeren, Secretary General of the

National LNG Platform Netherlands on the partnership between the two national

initiatives: A successful market launch of LNG and thus the goal of cleaner

transport routes can only be achieved if all those involved in the economy pull

together and give politicians the practical impetus needed to create positive

framework conditions. Van Tongeren further stressed that cooperation at

European level is necessary because, by definition, cross-border transport and

environmental policy objectives are met. A robust European infrastructure is

needed for the transport of liquefied natural gas by pipeline, truck, inland

waterway and ocean-going vessel. Germany and the Netherlands can act jointly

with other Western European countries on important issues such as safety,

permits, technical standards and emission reduction.

NBSO Hamburg

Netzwerk „LNG Transfer“ Niedersachsen

NGVA Europe

Pro Danube International

As a business network in the Danube region, Pro Danube promotes the use of LNG as an efficient and environmentally-friendly fuel for the Danube shipping industry. The "Master plan for LNG as a fuel and as a cargo on the Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube axis" project, supported by the EU, was developed to implement these objectives together with 32 partners from 12 countries and is currently being successfully implemented in the European Union's TEN T program. Pro Danube views MARITIME LNG PLATFORM e.V. as a strong future partner in the development and implementation of projects in the European Union's programs and believes that their collaboration has great potential for the extensive exchange of experience and ideas for the structured implementation of LNG as a future fuel for the shipping industry. 

SGMF - Society for gas as a marine fuel

The Society For Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF) encourages the safe and responsible operations of vessels using LNG as fuel and all marine activities relating to the supply of LNG used for fuel. 


Staatliche Rhein-Neckar-Hafengesellschaft Mannheim

Taskforce LNG Noord-Nederland



VDMA represents more than 3,200 mostly medium-sized companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector. With over one million employees and sales amounting to approximately 215 billion euros (2016), the sector is the largest industrial employer in Germany and one of the leading German industrial sectors. Numerous members from the industries of process technology, large industrial plant construction, maritime supply and, last but not least, large engine manufacturers are technology suppliers for LNG.

Verband der Fährschifffahrt und Fährtouristik e. V.

The Association of Ferry Operators and Ferry Tourism is a coalition of German and international ferry companies who are active in the German passenger market, as well as their partners and ferry enthusiasts from all areas of business and public life. Founded on the 8th June 1995 by 15 ferry companies, today the VFF has around 50 members. According to their constitution the purpose of the association is to further the business and operational interests of its members and to represent third parties. Members make an active contribution to the association’s work. On the elected board of directors and in the freely arranged committee all activities are created, prepared and implemented in order to further the goals of the association. Over the course of its existence the VFF has developed into a modern and influential industry representative. The office of the VFF is located in Hamburg. It is the contact for association members, travel agents and journalists.  

Verband Deutscher Reeder

Verband Deutscher Schiffsausrüster e. V.

The German Shipsuppliers Association, founded in 1947, is a federal association and represents the interests of German ship suppliers, organized at EU level in OCEAN and internationally in ISSA. It has about 130 members who supply professional shipping, production platforms, offshore wind farms, diplomats and troops with provisions and all technical articles and spare parts worldwide. Some member companies are so-called general suppliers who supply all the goods needed in shipping, others specialize in individual categories of goods, e.g. provisions, deck and machine equipment, electrical goods, wire ropes and rope, nautical articles, distress equipment or other. Some members are special supply companies, wholesalers, logisticians, freight forwarders and manufacturers. All members are listed in the German Shipsuppliers Register, which is published by the Association annually and is also available on the Internet at
The privilege of international maritime shipping has always been to use and consume of duty and tax free goods at sea. Ship Suppliers have the appropriate approvals and permits for these special shipments.

Verband für Schiffbau und Meerestechnik

Wilhelmshavener Hafenwirtschafts-Vereinigung e. V.

Since its foundation in 1985, the association Wilhelmshavener Hafenwirtschafts-Vereinigung e. V. (WHV e. V.) has successfully represented the interests of those companies and service providers associated with port operations, and it continues to represent them vis-à-vis politics, business and various other institutions. A wide range of contacts at all levels of European, federal, state and regional politics, as well as with representatives of the international port industry, form the core of our success.
The association WHV e. V. is committed to the sustainable further development of the port of Wilhelmshaven and has played a decisive role in securing and expanding the factors for a functioning port economy. For 32 years, it has been contributing with its ideas to the design and implementation of sustainable perspectives for the further development of the port location of Wilhelmshaven.

As a strong partner to its approximately 200 members, the association WHV e. V. has proven its ability to act strongly in the interest of its members and to promote innovative projects. This is achieved, on the one hand, through targeted marketing, in particular through our activities as a member of the Seaports of Niedersachsen GmbH, and, on the other hand, through daily confrontation with the various challenges affecting the port and the associated economic sectors.

Zentralverband der deutschen Seehafenbetriebe e. V.

ZDS represents the German ports industry. As a federation of state-level associations and with 190 affiliated sea port operators in Germany, ZDS strives to further improve the competitiveness of German seaports. ZDS engages German, EU and international stakeholders in economic, commercial, social and wage policy matters, and provides advice and information to its members. ZDS welcomes the market-driven use of LNG for ships and vehicles in port areas as a meaningful option in the protection of the environment. 

Zentralverband Deutscher Schiffsmakler

Zukunft Erdgas