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The Association

In order to act as a corresponding body at "EU level" (participation in the ESSF) and at federal level (point of contact in the Mobility and Fuel Strategy [MKS]), as well as financially for its supporters in a transparent manner and to control decision-making processes, the legal form of e. V. was chosen. In line with this objective, the statutes were designed to be lean and robust. The members have defined the goals and the roadmap.

General meetings take place once a year, the Board delegates its activities completely to the reporting Executive Management function – Board meetings are held twice a year. Depending on the action level, management can access and use the know-how, reputation or contacts of the respective members. The annual membership fee is EUR 5,000. The statutes and membership forms can be found here.

The Association

The legal structure of an e.V. (registered association) was selected in order to operate transparently and control decision-making processes as an appropriate body at an "EU level" (participation in the ESSF) and a federal level (contact partner in the MKS) as well as financially for supporters. The Articles of Association were drafted to be streamlined and effective in line with the objective of establishing a "Platform of decision-makers". The members define the objectives and a roadmap.

General Meetings take place one a year, the Executive Board delegates all of its activities to the reporting Board of Management; board meetings are held twice a year. The Board of Management may access and make use of the know-how, reputation or the contacts of the relevant members depending on the level of action. The annual membership fee is 5,000 euros. The Articles of Association and membership forms are located here.