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Achieving the maritime energy transition in demanding times

With its own event, the Maritime Platform is taking an active part in the Green Transition Stage of this year's SMM.

A discussion with representatives of the maritime sector and NGOs about the challenges, approaches, requirements that are needed to defossilise the shipping sector: What political decisions does the maritime sector expect now, and vice versa, what does the sector need to deliver now – to ensure that climate protection is firmly embedded in the sector’s forward strategy?

The panel discussion, approx. 40min, is followed by a Q&A session of approax. 15 min.

Moderator (incl. company/title/position):
Georg Ehrmann, MD, German Maritime Platform

Speakers (incl. company/title/position):
Sönke Diesener, Transport Policy Officer, NABU Germany
Karsten Fach, MD, Marine Service GmbH
Rolf Stiefel, Regional Chief Executive, responsible for Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia), Member of the Board, German Maritime Platform